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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 12, 2024 12:00am-1:01am PST

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league -- >> taylor swift could prompt legends of young female fan to check out boosting ratings higher and wishing joe biden had done the super bowl interview. enjoy the game shannon. dan:you make a good point are yr snacks ready? we will watch a show and then watch the big game tonight thank you howie that is it for us today. thank you for joining i'm shannon bream see you here for the next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. mark: hello america i am mark levin this is "life, liberty & levin" on sunday with our great friend, great patriot senator ted cruz how are you? works i'm great, great to be with you. mark: how is your election going it's a tough one in texas was going on there? works of a tough fight and run for reelection in 2024. chuck schumer has made it clear i'm his number one target in the country. i remember last time iran in 2018 they outspent me three -- one it was most expensive senate race in u.s. history. they flooded cash into texas. they more than doubled democrat turnout in texas. i ended up winning by just barely it was 2.6% last time. my likely opponent is a very liberal democrat congressman. voted on one 100% of nancy peloi he has hard left. but he is raising money like
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crazy he is raising money even faster than a work did six years ago that was the most expensive senate race that had ever happened. we are going to face over $100 million coming in against us. it's pretty simple if you are a left wing partisan after donald trump there is nobody in the country you want to beat to more than me. and so these guys in new york, chicago, san francisco they go get 50 or 100 bucks to ever the guy is running against cruz. we got cash coming in like crazy against us but we are doing the hard work and so we will raise the money. my website is ted ted ted went to support the campaign we need the help of working your tail off. mark: you've done something very important. you have taken the time as a senator to communicate with the american people about what's going on in this country.
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not only on tv and radio and your own podcast but in your book. what's amazing about your book how to defeat cultural marxism. let me ask you a question i went to your book it is superb its impression in many ways it is this pretty seat what's happening in our streets in our colleges and universities in our media on the democrat party they are all into this. just to dig a little deeper as you do in your book there seems to be an overlay between the marxist ideology and the islamic ideology. what do you make of that? >> we are seeing it play out in real time in the war in israel. we are seeing our institutions we are seeing the universities we are seeing journalism, we are seeing government all acting under capture and control of the hard left of the radical marxist. with the book, i sat down to
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write it because many of us have had the reaction of recent years. what is going on? the world has gone crazy. what we have seen is virtually every major institution in our country has been seized by the radical left. and so i sat down with this book how did that happen? why did that happen? in importantly how do we fix it? how do we fight back? we describe universities as the wuhan lab of the woke virus. universities are where it was started for it where it was created. where mutated and where it spread. sadly harvard university were i went to law school's ground zero for this. and it started back in the 60s and 70s with plain jane vanilla marxist people who adhered to karl marx as you know
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well marx viewed the world as economically determined with an inevitable struggle between the oppressors and the victims. and for him as a socioeconomic frame so the oppressors for the owners of capitol the victims the workers, and the solution was a violent overthrow to forcibly seize the memes of production of capitol is government to redistribute to the victims instead. and what happened that was additionally economic. but at that university said then shifted into cultural arenas and they applied the same lens to race. they got critical race theory. same idea at the marxist battle between oppressors and victims this time based on race. they believe america's irredeemably racist and the answer is to use a government force and violence to take from the oppressors and give to the
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victims they also use the same frame on gender and gender ideology the extremes they have embraced there. now you look at what is happening in israel about a week ago i was sitting down with a very successful tech entrepreneur from silicon valley. who historically has been quite left. he was really disturbed and frankly confused why universities right now are so obviously viciously anti- israel. viciously anti-semitic. why? a significant chunk of departed the squad, the far left and he was asking why and the reason is simple. in their world view as is a marxist world view, jews are coded as the oppressors. they are the bad guys. palestinians are coded at the victims. and their answer is what is
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happening right now. the violent overthrow order of civilians including horrible across atrocities to the marxist that's justified and we've seen the interconnection. for example black lives matter. a black lives matter as you know is explicitly marxist organization. founded by trained marxist organizers. they are variably anti- israel they put up black life chicago put a tweet with an image of a paraglider at saint saying we h the palestinians. the paraglider are the ones who came in and murdered hundreds of teenagers and young people just attending a concert in israel. this is all if you ha you have d left marxist worldview that explains the 19-year-old idiot at a college campus whose
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cheering for the death squads and not the women and children who are being slaughtered. mark: senator cruz what you make of this administration though? you have joe biden is not turned on his wrist making public same and said their enemies and our enemies can hear he wants and to appease. a temporary humanitarian cease-fire means they lose they have surrounded the enemy. they are doing everything they can note army on the face of the earth fights the way the israelis do in terms of their humanitarianism is sent this because it's a politics he's worried about his vote in michigan, he is worried about his vote in arizona but visit population of muslims and they are turning against him. he would throw israel over the cliff in order to get reelected, am i misreading this? bucks i do not think it's driven by dearborn, michigan i don't think it's driven by muslim
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boats in the democratic party think it's driven by angry white liberals who hate israel. who are marxists and anti-semites. this administration is captured by the far left. you look at the foreign policy of the biden administration, it is continuing every mistake of the obama administration but even worse. what has joe biden done in a little under three years he has flowed nearly $100 billion into iran. iran is the leading state-sponsored terror. a patron of hezbollah not only that the biden administration has sent hundreds of millions of dollars into gaza that went straight to hamas. and is in a very literal sense of funding the death squads that are murdering israelis and murdering americans. this is not only the worst
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attack on israel in 50 years it is also the worst terrorist attacks on america in history for 30 white americans were murdered. roughly a dozen americans or our hostages still. the immediate response this played out october 7. the early hours three in the morning the biden state department the office of palestinian affairs sends out a tweet. we condemn the attack violence solves nothing that should be no retaliatory strikes no one should strike back. this is a literally as monsters are targeting civilians going house to house murdering everyone and th in the house siy because they are jews in the u.s. state department says do not retaliate and enga engage io military response. what an asinine statement at 3:00 a.m. in the morning my team and i saw that. the respondent 3:00 a.m. in the
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morning and responded this is rs disgraceful and everyone who wrote this or sign off on it should be fired. they deleted the tweet within an hour. the next day tony blanca in the secretary of state sent a tweet said he just melted turkish foreign minister they agreed to work together to push for a cease-fire for israel. that is the next day. this is ridiculous the word cease-fire as you know is code word for the terrorist are not ceasing anything they will cease when they have murdered every jew that is their objective is to kill everyone. when that u.s. state department says cease-fire with they are saying to israel is do not defend yourself. do not go and defeat hamas. do not kill the terrorists just sit there helpless and let them kill innocent civilians. again, blinken and this deleted the tweet within the hour what
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did tony blinken do? flew to israel and demanded what he called a humanitarian pause. which i will commend the wordsmiths were coming up with a different word for cease-fire the position of the biden administration seems to believe please stop trying to kill the terrorists we are rooting for the bad guys. you guys are too effective at killing them. it is infuriating by the way they combine it with they still want to send money to these guys. on the very first things joe biden said is we need to send $100 million to gaza. gaza is controlled by hamas. by the way the leftists on college campuses talk about this is occupied territory. look come israel i a is i as a s not control gaza. israel left the gaza strip. you won it, it is yours we are gone to go think we're going to do is put up a wall to make sure
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lunatics who want to kill us don't come over and kill us. but the palestinians control the gaza strip one 100% it is ruled by hamas. now they live in misery and poverty, why? they are theocratic death cult motivated by one thing the community sense hundreds of millions of dollars in their for hospitals, for schools, for water pipes. what do they do? they take all the money and use it to wage war they take the water pipes that ripped them up and chop them into rockets to fire rockets at israel they would rather murder jews then provide water for palestinian babies. that dynamic, you look at the college campuses they don't know that. they don't know that. they don't care.
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the biden administration consistent response is to send money to gaza anyway. even though we know it will go to terrorist requests a circle back here. the book is unwelcome how to defeat marxism in america. these are the entrails of what's happening as a result of decades of indoctrination. brainwashing, leftism, islamic system and on and on and on. talk about this in the book you go to the whole history of this and what we should do about it. the squad you cannot accuse them of being white liberals. they come into this country some are first-generation summer second-generation. our border is wide open. people are coming into this country we don't who they are by the millions. they caught some on the terrorist watchlist which means some terrorists got through they caught some but they're not going to catch them all. the system is not perfect. if a president of the united
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states is arming the enemy you run. the president of the united states is telling israel to stand down even though they're fighting the enemy for us and them of the president of the united states has the border wide open, with drug cartels coming in. so my question to you is this, for after the break, joe biden keep talking about the concern for the citizenry. to this show any concern for the wonder thousand people dying every year from fentanyl in the united states? do they show any concern about the citizenry and iran that rose up did china overthrow that regime and that all the said the >> turned back on when trump leaves? they've put them down and are slaughtering their own people. they keep talking about their concern for the citizenry isn't that kind of what you're saying here? they twist the language it's inhumane we want your point on this as soon as we return.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. mark: welcome back america paid
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wepapertalk with senator ted crs brand-new fantastic book on woke how to defeat cultural marxism in america. it covers all that's going on in this country today. so my question is, does this administration actually demonstrate its own actions? even in our own country concerned about citizens? >> the exact opposite. they are interested in power. power and ideology that is consistent with cultural marxism is using culture to enforce through force and power their orthodoxy. when it comes, u.s. about the border with happening at the southern border is a catastrophe that has no precedent in the history of our nation. i was down at the southern border i went out on big night patmidnightpatrol with the bordl agents. as always within about an hour you encounter illegal immigrants it takes almost no time at all. we counted a group of 20 -- 25 mostly women and children.
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there is a 13-year-old girl she was unaccompanied had no family member with her. there is a 15-year-old boy he was unaccompanied no family members with her. there is a 16-year-old girl she was unaccompanied. they all said they were going to see their -- it's spanish for uncle when they ask if they know you're coming they know i just have a number i'm supposed to call them. it was obvious they did not exist. these kids were being brought in and being trafficked. what was most haunting is there was a little girl i think of 35 or 40. who is not her father. he had his arm around her but it is not a gentle caress it was almost like a headlock he was holding her still forcefully. the little girl was terrified. we asked about her mother she just looked at the man she was
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with what are we supposed to say on this? it was horrifying. during the trump administration they would dna test when a child to ride with an adult man and claimed to be father and child, they wouldn't dna test 30% of them it was a lie about 30% had no biological relationship whatsoever. joe biden came in and ended the dna testing they do not want to know. and they cartels are literally renting children. now you ask do they care? are they compassionate? no i was looking at these kids and i wasn't physically sick i was looking at teenagers i have a 13-year-old daughter. i was actually standing there just past midnight it was the morning of my daughter's 13th birthday. i was looking at that 13-year-old girl and thinking my god, you are going to be trapped in sex slavery at the border patrol agents can't do anything about it. because of joe biden and harris
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and mayorkas do not want them to do anything about it. it is evil. like the argument the democrats are compassion on immigration is insane and then when you overlay the war in israel the risk of a terror attack today in the united states of america is graded that it has been any day since 911. and you mention the people have been apprehended on the terror watch list more people are apprehended on the terror watch list in the previous decade combined just last year. but that is not the number that worries me. the number that worries me is 2 million. with 8 million people cross illegally under joe biden. 2 million of those are called got a ways. they're like what we encountered they go an look for the border patrol agents they turn themselves in. the 2 million got a ways or people they spot that they
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identify okay, we see them but they get away. the got a ways and much more likely to be criminals to be murderers, to be rapist, to be child molesters to be gang members to bea be ms 13 or two t terrorists. if you are a terrorist you are not going to turn yourself into the border patrol. you are going to be one of the 2 million got a ways. and the head of the fbi was testifying in the house he said he was concerned about the risk of hamas carrying out a terror attack here. i got to admit that scares me, why? i talk about in the book on awoke the weaponization of the department of justice and the fbi, the fbi and d.o.j. have been saying for three years the greatest risk of violence in america his home grown terrorism and white supremacists. now give me a break. not these in klansman's are idiots or bigots, mormons, imbeciles and their
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unequivocably evil. it's not like we are seeing a rising surge of nazis and klansman across the country. this is made up in the fevered dreams of the left. and they utterly ignore global jihadist who have declared a mission of murdering americans and the fact the head of the fbi, chris wray, you and i both know suddenly say to the house there is a real risk carrying out a terror attack here. it made me think holy cow what is he know now that we don't know? something has changed because three weeks ago he was not willing to say that publicly and now he is. that has me very worried they have information that an attack could be eminence. mark: on this point will become back a commander-in-chief, the president of the united states does not even discuss it. this not even think about it.
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the president i'd say just concerned about hostages, americans. except they are in afghanistan there's hundreds of people over there we don't know what happened to them. that is a result of his conduct. you never hear about them again. he paced $6 billion i am not going to engage in any talk about whether that means i run gets it or not. iran wanted it and got it. that is the bottom line. just weeks before what took place with hamas so he increases the price and the motivation for hostages. and now he is blaming israel leads to back off. hamas wants money don't forget how to defeat culture marxism and america this is a big-time book ladies and gentlemen i predict it's only going to be one of the big books of the year. in any major books or starting on tuesday.
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i am jon scott now back to "life, liberty & levin." ♪ ♪ ♪ v6 welcome back america every fantastic book by senator cruz on awoke, how to defeat cultural marxism in america. what you do in this book as you identify because most people don't even want to do that.
12:33 am
then you get the background on it. then you explain how it presents itself today and what to do about it pretty went to hit you on this we have been talking about citizens. no more important to citizen to a parent is their child there is a war on children. and there is a war on separating parents from children. that is real marxism is going on in our classrooms and you are right about this. what is your take? works marxist always starts with the kids. and so i open the book by telling the story of my father, you know my dad. my father was born in cuba, grew up in cuba and he fought in the cuban revolution. he fought alongside fidel castro he was a 14-year-old boy fighting in the revolution. my dad today it refers to the revolution he said that is whatl be all work we are a bunch of 14 and 15-year-old boys who did not know any better. we were young, and passionate, and idealistic. my father ended up being in prison, being tortured and he fled and came to america.
12:34 am
what stories i tell right at the outset is my grandmother. my grandmother was a sixth-grade teacher she loved teaching sixth grade. the communists always start with little children. my grandmother told me how stroke soldiers would come into the kindergartens and the first grade and they would tell all of the children they would say close your eyes. pray to god and ask for candy. and the kids would do that they would open their eyes and there was no candy. then they would say close your eyes and. to fidel castro for candy. and these soldiers would quietly put a piece of candy in every child's desk. marxist understand if you destroy every other allegiance destroyed allegiance to god destroy allegiance other than to the states that is how they get power. the reason the cultural marxist
12:35 am
go after our kids teaching crt to our kids. teach them that america is inherently racist. teaching the transgender radical ideology using orwellian terms like gender affirming care by which they mean sterilizing and gently mutilating a child. it is aiming at our kids. this book explains how that happened. but then critically what this book is about what un- woke is about is how we fight back and win. it focuses on what happened it starts in lateran county. it was sexually assaulted by a boar wearing a skirt and a girls restroom. and the school covered it up because their ideology they said this cannot happen. they arrested the father of the girl. the sexual predator they transferred to another school the boy in a skirt sexually assaulted another little girl.
12:36 am
but that sparked a moment where mom's moms in virginia got piss. and it resulted in 2020 virginia voted for joe biden by 10 points. in 20211 year later glenn a republican was elected a good friend of mine i campaigned with glenn oliver virginia. because the moms were fed up what is this garbage you are doing to our kids? you look at school boards all across the country, i get involved in a lot of school board races where parents are saying enough is enough, we want to take the radicals out of the schools. that is an example of the victories that are working over and over and over again. the answer to fight back on every one of these institutions is to take them back to get in and throw the lunatics out. >> ship requests as you also point out one pair o 30 years ago there wy named rem ski. in the italian communist.
12:37 am
and he said he's got a light but you've got some wrong the revolution places like america won't be the bottom up which the middle-class. it will be the top down. we need to take over the culture. the culture of marxism. we need to get into all aspects of it. it will be slower, and will be permanent. this is one of the reasons your book is so important. you are saying he is wrong he is not permanent if we open our eyes to be addressed to the enemy is and we confront them. so it is top-down. not the proletariat rising up. when we come back i want to ask you this, is this what has happened to the united states of america? this grand scheme of cultural marxism? we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. mark: welcome back america. we heard their friend senator ted cruz, fantastic book on woke how to defeat cultural marxism in america. that's part of the key of the book how to defeat it. let's talk about it wilmer talking about this guy and top-down not bottom up in the middle out as a biden like to talk about. we see this all around us right now, don't we? works the marxist referred to this as the long slow marks their institution. resection of an entire chapter on it. that's it that's exactly what how they capture it. they start with th universitiesd then go k-12. and then have a chapter on journalism they have utterly captured the corporate media. i have a chapter on big business appeared to have a chapter on big tech. i have a chapter on government. i have a chapter on entertainment hollywood movies, tvs, music, video games, sports.
12:43 am
i have a chapter on science that has been utterly politicized. the final chapter is on china which is a nexus that interconnects at all. but let me give you an example let's talk abis talk about big a minute. we have seen, particularly in recent years have giant corporations have become the economic enforcement arm for the radical left. they punish their enemies. they enforced obedience for they cancel you, they fire you if you dare disagree on their orthodoxy. that is one of the salient characteristics of marxists. they use force. you will obey or they will use of force and make you obey. and the book i talk a lot about bud light and target. because these are two incredible victories that happened recently. bud light, i don't think we have ever seen a company destroy a brand is so utterly and completely and unnecessarily bud light used to be the number one selling beer in america.
12:44 am
they had their woke condescension their customers were a bunch of ignorant rubies and they really all ought to be transgendered set of good old boys. enjoying a beer on a friday night. the reaction was instantaneous. we just finished going to the baseball playoffs and world series and so i went to the astros play the rangers go into a bunch of games i always used to drink bud lights at every baseball game. i looked around the stadium there was literally not a single fan drinking bud light. nobody was there still on the shelves the shelves were just full. they dropped from the number one selling bill it beer in america out of the top 10 they lost tens of billions of dollars you have target. the giant gay pride displays right in front of their stores. that are aggressively marketing
12:45 am
lgbt two little kids they included bathing suits for little boys two and 3-year-old boys that were marketed as talk friendly they could tuck their genitals out of the way and pretend that they are little girls for this is what target is saying here is what your toddler once. and you know what happened? what happened is the same thing happened and allowed and counted the same thing that flipped virginia red. mom's got pissed why are you trying to tell it my 3-year-old boy he should be a girl? i came in educated giant box of detergent not to have you lecture me and target lost tens of billions of dollars. of the single best thing about what happened to target, we now know the conversation between the senior executives as the scandal was unfolding. the senior executives were saying we do not want to be bud light. that is fantastic. the only way to corporate
12:46 am
america back is you change the cost benefit analysis. the cost of being awoke have to exceed the benefits of being awoke. bud light and target showed the real consequences. i'll give you one other that's very, very recent. as you know i do a podcast every week. verdict with ted to reside up monday, wednesday, friday we've been covering israel and hamas a great length. i did recently a podcast episode that was black lives matter is hamas i laid out one of the founders of black lives matter the state of israel and then i went through all the giant corporations that have given millions of dollars to black lives matter apple, amazon, coca-cola. and i asked them to these companies support the anti-semitic agenda? do they support the destruction of israel that podcast came out
12:47 am
october 18. the next day coca-cola deleted from their website the reference to the $500,000 that's given black lives matter they did it immediately in response to the podcast. you want to take corporate america back you've got to make the cost the downside for the next c suite thinking of doing this kind of stupidity. that risk has to be greater than the benefits they receive their backs the book is on woke how to defeat cultural marxism in america. yes or no has mitt romney denounced black lives matter after supporting them? what they certainly had not seen and he's denounced every republican he can buy but have not seen him say a word about black lives matter. mark: i have not heard a thing. we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. mark: welcome back america paid the book is unwell, how to defeat cultural marxism in america by senator ted cruz, fantastic book you can get it at any major bookstore starting tuesday fresh off the press. senator cruz you writesenator ce extensively here about china.
12:52 am
china sees a biden he sees the democrat parties, they see our media, they see it all. what are they seeing? >> it is really striking how china is intertwined and all of the cultural marxist takeover of our institutions. today's it democrat party is structurally pro. they are major stakeholders big business, big tech, big universities, big hollywood, all of them are in bed with china. and so what that means, one of the things i talk about in the chapter on china is how hollywood allows china to censor its movies. for example that movie bohemian rhapsody is a great movie story of freddie mercury the leader of queen. they referenced him being gay the communi communist china dide that. these virtue signaling hollywood types are perfectly happy to say
12:53 am
nope, not gay at all but how do you tell freddie mercury story without including that he was gay? that is pretty darn important. you look at top gun to the original movie maverick had a jacket that had a series of flags on including the taiwanese flag of the japanese flag. when they came out top gun to original they took off those flags they did that went to piss off the chinese sensors. now, ultimately i denounce them on the senate floor and shamed them in until they put them back are you telling me it maverick is afraid of the chinese communist? i know we can actually fight back against it. one of the things i talk about his legislationis legislation an paschal the script act. it's as if any hollywood press studio allows china to censor what they are doing they can't access u.s. and government assets to make their movies they cannot use jets and planes and helicopters that they often use an dod is implemen dod is implet
12:54 am
legislation right now. so we can fight back. mark: there was a day american corporations were patriotic. it's very difficult to see that today. there is a one off here and there and so forth. china has one more connection you talk about the democrat party. in a few seconds we have left to they have a connection to the white house, don't they? >> a very big connection. and the corruption that has flowed through hunter bi their d directly to joe biden is an enormous. the biden family business was selling favors from daddy. hunter biden has no marketable skills when is the last time you paid millions of dollars to a crack head? that is not what hunter is selling. he had a lot of groupies never practice law for any reasonable period of time. what he sold was a favors from daddy and he made tens of millions of dollars as did the entire family is fundamentally corrupted. mark: the democrats defendant and they defend china every step of the way. brilliant points about how china
12:55 am
is interlocked with so many aspects of the democrat party or there's a lot of brilliant point in this book. on woke how to defeat marxism and america i encourage you to get your copy and get at preorder it anywhere any major bookstore starting tuesday morning when it comes in. we will be right
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mark: welcome back america. any final thoughts senator? >> there is reason to be optimistic. there is the reason the left uses force to jam this down our throats because their ideas are on wildly unpopular, they don't make sense. there is a lot more of us than there are them, we're winning big victories in school boards and winning big victories exposing their lies and winning
1:00 am
victories with bud light and target were on the offense and truth is on our side. this book is what your show is all about and what your podcast of my podcast are all about which is truth and light how we take america back and i'm convinced we will do that. mark: a great book, unwelcome how to defeat cultural marxism in america, we barely touched the surface, i go one hour after hour after hour but we can't. here's the book i encourage you to get it. thank you for coming. see you next time on "life liberty and levin". ♪ ♪ ♪. trey: good >> trey: good evening, and thank you for joining us. i am trey gowdy and it is
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